International gourmet food & French Cuisine has a wide variety of Middle Eastern, Greek and French food. We have a large selection of French cheese and Greek pastries. Quality food and gift baskets. Recipes for Italian and Egyptian dishes as well as authentic Brazilian dishes.
Fill out our survey and receive a 10% discount on any purchase. contains wonderful products such as soups, beverages, chocolates, cheeses, coffees & teas, entrees, oils, condiments including olives, mustards and pickles, caviar, mushrooms and truffles, pastes, sauces, hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, deli items, pate, chutneys, sweets & jams, fruits & vegetables, and grains.
Our fine wines & spirits include Chianti from the Tuscany region of Italy. Another favorite is Calvados, a brandy which is one of the most sought-after of French spirits. For more infomation on Italian, French and Greek wine go here.
Any real connoisseur of Greek cuisine will love receiving our International Banquet Supreme gift basket. With true ethnic diversity, this large basket caters to all exotic food lovers. Perfect for the chef, it comes with hommus & dish, couscous, tabouli, pasta sauce, exotic jam, pate, mango chutney, cornichons, pickles, seasoning, crackers, baby bell cheeses, hibiscus tea, and two international cloth napkins.
For that Italian lover try our “Mama Mia that’s Italian” gift basket assortment that includes a bottle of Chianti, spaghetti, pasta sauce, Italian dressing, and much more. Go to Gourmet gift basket for more information.
Feast your eyes on our beautiful corporate gift baskets, wine gift baskets, gourmand food baskets, and unique gift baskets for that French, Greek, or Italian connoisseur, that show off our savory favorites like escargot, Cabernet Sauvignon wine, and creamy Camembert cheese to name but a few.
We offer a large variety of French food. There gastronomy is a tradition of many centuries of refinement and excellence, a tradition appreciated as much by foreign visitors as by the French themselves. The French like nothing better than to sit around a table with friends to dine and to chat, often to discuss the merits of the food before them. Go to our French cuisine information page and find out more.
Cheese is more than a food, it is a passion, passed on by the French from generation to generation. No mere nibble on an obligatory cocktail cracker, cheese is eaten in France as a separate course, enjoyed after the main course and before dessert. Its place in the meal points to the importance of cheese in the French diet, and the French culture. Together with bread and wine, cheese forms the great trinity of the table. Go to our French cheese information page.
We offer food from French, Armenian, Lebanese, Brazilian, Italian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern countries including Egyptian and Syrian foods. We have over 60 different Exotic spices for your sensitive palate to enhance the taste of all your dishes, this page has more information about our Exotic spice. There are over 17 different pastries including Baklava, Pita bread and Lahmajoon and this is just an example of what this site has to offer. for information on Baklava or Pita bread click on the links.
For your shopping pleasure, we can inexpensively ship your purchases all over the world, with limitation depending on each country’s policies, compliments of the International gourmet.
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